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Jay Choi

Jay Choi (Jayperior) is a bisexual

Korean-American writer, avid manga

reader, and obessive Shiny Pokemon hunter

based in Dallas. He has recently began dabbling

in drawing.

He is also the video editor for voice actor

SungWon Cho (ProZD on Youtube)

and his let's-play channel (ProZD Plays Games).

TV/Film/Comics Writer


Jay is subservient to a tortie cat named Munji.

She is a very good cat, except when she

is a criminal and eats Jay's LEGO sets.

Recently, Jay has self-published his

graphic novel BOUNTY LIGHT after a successful

Kickstarter campaign. A preview of the book is free-to-read on Tapas. (PREVIEW AVAILABLE HERE)

After selling his pitch to Nickelodeon in

New York, Jay moved across the country to further his writing career. Since then, he has

worked on several projects and sold a pitch to

LEGO and a live-action feature-length screenplay.

For writing inquiries, please contact:

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